Std Finish Codes

According to ISO 4042/2081 DIN 267/9: A2 L   According to SS: 3191/2968 Fe/Zn 5 c

SVG std 2000, Revision 2

Nomenclature – examples
SVF std 2000, Revision 2 ISO 2081 DIN 50979 ISO 4042
5 micron zinc on steel, blue chromated Fe/Zn5/C1 Fe/Zn5/A A2B
8 microns of zinc on steel , yellow chromated Fe/Zn8/C2 Fe/Zn8/C A3c
12 microns zinc to steel, green chromating Fe/Zn12/C3 Fe/Zn12/D A4D
15 microns zinc on steel , black chromating Fe/Zn15/C4 Fe/Zn15/F A5R
8 microns zinc on steel, blue passivation Fe/Zn8/P1 Fe//Zn8//An//T0 A3B(+ELV/RoHS)
8 microns of zinc on steel, yellow passivation Fe/Zn8/P2 Fe//Zn8//An//T0 A3C
8 microns of zinc on steel, green passivation Fe/Zn8/P3 A3D
8 microns of zinc on steel, black passivation – with sealer Fe/Zn8/P4/T2 FE//Zb8//Fn//T2 A3R
8 microns of zinc on steel, iridescent passivation Fe/Zn8/P5 Fe//Zn8//Cn//T0 A3A
8 micron zinc – nickel on steel , black passivation – no sealer Fe/ZnNi8/P4 Fe//ZnNi8//Fn//T0 P3R
8 micron zinc – nickel on steel , black passivation – with sealer Fe/ZnNi8/P4/T2 Fe//ZnNi8//Fn//T2 P3R
8 micron zinc – nickel on steel, iridescent passivation Fe/ZnNi8/P5 Fe//ZnNi8//Cn//T0 R3A
12 micron zinc-iron to steel, black passivation – no sealer Fe/ZnFe12/P4 Fe//ZnFe12//Fn//T0 R4R
12 micron zinc-iron to steel, black passivation – with sealer Fe/ZnFe12/P4/T2 Fe//ZnFe12//Fn//T2 R4R
12 micron zinc-iron to steel, iridescent passivation Fe/ZnFe12/P5 Fe//ZnFe12//Cn//T0 R4A

Corrosion grade

Grade Example of use Designation of the surface treatment Requirements / NSS (ISO 9227)
White rust Base metal corrosion
Thick film passivation Thin-film passivation Thick film passivation
0 Decorative Fe/Zn5/P1
1 Indoor
Hot and dry
Fe/Zn5/P2, Fe/Zn5/P5,
72 72
2 Indoor
May be exposed to humidity
Fe/Zn8/P1, Fe/Zn8/P2, Fe/Zn8/P5 72 144
3 Outdoor moderate corrosive
Fe/Zn12/P1, Fe/Zn12/P2, Fe/Zn12/P5
4 Outdoor
High corrosive loading
Marina and / or industrial environments
Fe/ZnNi8/P5, Fe/ZnNi8/P4 >200 >700

Finishing with a sealer , T2, can provide an improvement in corrosion protection . This applies to both time to white rust and metal corrosion .
The table refers to surface treatment on racks of reference plates.
Treatment of the drum may lead to slightly lower values .
Testing in neutral salt spray, NSS, should only be used as verification of process .
This nomenclature standard aims to complement and clarifying the standards laid EN ISO 2061 and EN 147000.
In cases where the issues listed in EN ISO 2061 and EN 147000 are not addressed in this standard it applies to both standards listed requirements.
Converting layer containing chromates , hexavalent chromium . This type of treatment does not meet the requirements of the RoHS and ELV .
Converting layer which is free of hexavalent chromium . May contain trivalent chromium.


Descriptions of chromating and passivation

Containing hexavalent chromium
C1 Blue, glossy chromate , decorative finish
C2 Yellow chromate
C3 Green chromating
C4 black chromating


Free of hexavalent chromium
P1 Blue, bright passivation , decorative finish
P2 Yellow passivation
P3 Green passivation ( for future use )
P4 black passivation
P5 Transparent, isiserande passivation

( T0 No finishing )
T1 Varnish
T2 organic or inorganic sealer
T3 organ of vision dye
T4 grease, oil, etc.
T5 Wax

Designations for heat treatment
SR= detente treatment before surface treatment
ER= hydrogen expelling after surface treatment
Temperature in C is shown in in parentheses
Time in hours indicated by parentheses

1. Hydrogen expulsion of yellow chromated 8 microns of zinc on steel in 190 ° C for 12 hours , Fe / Zn8 / S (190 ) 12 / C2
2. Détente Treatment of steel part to be coated with yellow chromated 8 pm zinc PE / SR (200) 2 / Zn ( / C2



According to ISO 4042/2081 DIN 267/9: A2 L


(Källa DIN 267/9)

According to SS: 3191/2968 Fe/Zn 5 c

Standardized coating thicknesses and designations

SS 3191/2968

Coating thickness µm
Bright chromating
Yellow chromating
Green chromating
Black chromating
Without chromating
Fe/Zn 5 C1
Fe/Zn 5 C2
Fe/Zn 5 C3
Fe/Zn 5 C4
Fe/Zn 5
Fe/Zn 8 C1
Fe/Zn 8 C2
Fe/Zn 8 C3
Fe/Zn 8 C4
Fe/Zn 8
Fe/Zn 12 C1
Fe/Zn 12 C2
Fe/Zn 12 C3
Fe/Zn 12 C4
Fe/Zn 12
Fe/Zn 15 C1
Fe/Zn 15 C2
Fe/Zn 15 C3
Fe/Zn 15 C4
Fe/Zn 15
Fe/Zn 20 C1
Fe/Zn 20 C2
Fe/Zn 20 C3
Fe/Zn 20 C4
Fe/Zn 20
Fe/Zn 25 C1
Fe/Zn 25 C2
Fe/Zn 25 C3
Fe/Zn 25 C4
Fe/Zn 25

The designation comprises:

a) the chemical symbol Fe, for the basis metal (iron or steel) followed by an oblique stroke, Fe/
b) the chemical symbol for zinc, Zn
c) a number indicating the minimum thickness, in micrometers, of the zinc coating
d) symbols indicating the designation of the chromate conversion coating where:

C1 = bright chromating
C2 = yellow chromating
C3 = green chromating
C4 = black chromating

(Source SS 3191/2968)

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