Gasket Kit Packet Coordination & Kanban

We adapt the delivery quantity and articles for best packaging. The weight of carton shall not affect the environment so that we need custom equipment to handle it. Ramo noted in each article supply so that it would always be the same next time. The label can also see and who has packed and when. We at Ramo are proud of our work so we are happy to sign it too.
Do you wish to receive your goods bundled or integrated in a special way please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kit pack:
Installation pack some call it. We can coordinate other articles as well as offer complete packages to your assembly stations. Often occupying warehouse shelves several feet of production costs and the engineering industry in excess. By that we study your needs together with you we can highlight the problem and adapt the best of you. Often, several assembly stations have different needs so our “KIT-PACKET” is the optimum solution for your fitter or retail.

Kanban or Just In Time:
Taiichi Ohno, who in many eyes was ahead of its time that we know has developed a great way to find bottlenecks. Today, this simple method of distributing material shortages. As has also been more demand on the suppliers.
We can now offer these services or just in time solutions for you.

Let us look at your wishes are not always right to let someone else take over your refills without this we can often resolve already from the start by addressing your needs properly.