Laser cutting, Plasma, Gas, Water, Wire EDM, etc. depending on the customer requirement is. It is important that consumers have an idea of what type of partition you have in mind when different methods affect the materials in different ways. When sharing is often bending or welding after the event. We can also provide welding and assembly before and after surface treatment so that you always get a finished product. Packaged in mounting kit so that it will be easy and inexpensive to mount. Waterjet technology has evolved and today we can with water pressure of 3600 bar and a cutting edge on the 2×3 cut most materials. Advantages of waterjet is bl. to cut a thick and “hard” material, but heat does. Less need for post processing. No chemicals or gases into or formed in view of the environment. Clean and sharp edges provide optimum material utilization.

From the thinnest of several hundred mm depending on the choice of materials.
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Series Sizes:
From one piece and up.Small, medium and large.

The choice of the partition method is often a combination of materials-number-time. We help you find the right