Business idea

Ramo AB’s business concept is to offer our customers a quick, cost-effective and quality-conscious service on special items according to customer’s drawings.

  1. First, we match the product characteristics, quality and volume to the right machine park and at the lowest cost.
  2. Next we competitive bidding your request,World-Wide in our group range so that you as a customer can always be assured that Ramo AB is offering competitive prices.
  3. We perform quality inspections at the factory, to ensure the quality before the goods are delivered to the central warehouse. Verifications and measurements are made on arrival at Ramos central warehouse.

Competitive production costs
Through Ramo Group Network we are competitive in all segments as turning, milling, molding, fasteners and plates in various materials and surface coatings.
We also refines products by welding, assembly and soldering. Through the use of the large fleet, we are competitive on everything from small runs to mass production, simple designs to complex products.

A complete coordination programs with low production cost per unit from small qualitative manufacturers in RAMO Group.

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