Special fastners

Furniture Fittings, Automotive, fittings and mounting industrial, construction and industrial aluminum profile, signs, roads, electronics, etc. Most industries or through Ramo AB had lower costs by manufacturing in our cold butt entry units.

Cold heading is a design process that is often accomplished by mechanical processing of round wire rod. In cold swaging process may not form threads or diagonally without such excavation is for the most part in the process. Ramo Group has worked with cold swaging of standard and specialty items from Asia for more than a decade. Our experience of quality and stability are of the highest caliber.

Robotic Quality:
Ramo inspects all of its manufacturing kallstukade details with the help of 3D inspection cameras in case the customer does not have its own quality requirements. Our procedures are based on industry knowledge experience. The cost to make sure to get it right from the beginning is much lower than the detection of the latter. For this reason, it is a natural requirement we have in ourselves to INSPECT AND CERTIFY cold swaging details with 3D cameras, one & one. Ramo Group supplies more security features to brake and bl. a clutch pedal to the southern European automotive industry. Ask us for the highest quality!

Through our wide network of contacts and work with different designs company, we have been able to offer, among other things. on a South-European automotive industry cold butt entry details a number of years. We also have extensive experience in the manufacture of furniture fittings in different ways which are manufactured by cold swaging. We designs and manufactures fittings and fasteners in all variations.

Cold heading steel or kind of wood screws (screw grating) is made by thinner wire diameter of about 1 to 3. In our machinery we have now installed several new machines that can handle up to 1 inch approx 25mm. With the 5-6 step machines, we can offer and produce a wide range of variations and cold exterior and interior detail sprained sleeve etc.

Threading shaped by cold swaging details are often related to the design directly. Other tempos and after curing and surface treatment, we at the premises of the factories. Are there any special requests, we can also adjust production so that this can be ensured after the event.

It is important to control production so that together we will do the right thing at the right place. No unnecessary handling or packaging until the final product is finished and you, the customer has accepted it.

Engine type:
Cold heading, thread rolling, hardening and surface treatment, packing and 3D inspection machines. For robotic quality.

Series Sizes:
From small, medium and large series. Ask us and we will return with the best proposal.

No materials are unknown to us. Plain stainless steel, etc. In cold swaging talk often mechanical hug so that secure accommodation. Let us come back with proposals including technical materials on hand.