Standard fastners

Service Price-runner:
We can with our experience as a runner when you Price clearly negotiated with your supplier. In order to get the right price for these items are often lined a broad contact network. The Ramo Group, we now have suppliers that provide the largest wholesalers in Europe. Price-runner in Ramo means that you always get your best quote verified against the factory’s own proposal to serve you with standard items such as screws, nut, bolt and washer. ISO, DIN and other international standards can be used for the inquiry.

Hiring wholesalers in Europe has changed over the years. The Asia’s openness may in many cases the common feature articles also have their standard items at a much reduced price. Requirements for smaller box sizes, etc. is now more tailored to the end user than for the engineering industry.
Ramo industrial supplies custom packages based on your preferences so that the cost is as low as possible. By not re-pack these low-value items, we also protects the environment and ensures that work is done right from the beginning.

Ask us for all your needs of standard screws, bolts, nuts and washers, we will get back with suggestions for better solutions. Precondition is that together we will obtain all the information for the result to be as good as possible. Ramo can deliver the same day with the highest level of service through the use of wholesalers in other European countries. Our motto is to reduce your costs, let’s get a fair chance to prove what we can.

Any type of property hold as the market has recognized that at 4.6 / 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9 / 14.9. Coating according to standards and specifications. Inspection and verification made against the international standard norms.

Batch sizes:
From small, medium and large series.

Screw non-standar or under yout own design se under “Special fastners“.